As Simple As Snow (Gregory Galloway)

22 09 2010

As Simple As SnowAs Simple As Snow is a very touching love story / coming-of-age novel. It tells the story of an unnamed narrator and his relationship with Anna – aka Anastasia – Cayne. When they meet, the narrator becomes enthralled with Anna, not quite knowing why she might be interested in him. Anna is a quirky, intelligent, extraordinary girl, who writes imaginative (or are they?) ‘obituaries’ for everyone in town. As sudden as she arrives, she’s gone again. In between, we uncover secrets, some pieces of the puzzle that was Anna Cayne, fit together, but as many secrets remain hidden; many questions remain unanswered.

This book is highly recommended not only to (romantic) teenagers, but also to anyone interested in a reading a puzzling coming-of-age love story.



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