Skulduggery Pleasant (by Derek Landy)

22 09 2010

Skulduggery PleasantSkulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy is a great adventure/fantasy book, suitable for anyone who likes a bit of fun and thrilling story! It fills the Harry Potter void perfectly (more so than the Twilight hype), has a hint of the Neil Gaiman vibe written all over it… Plus: this time we get a girl kicking magic ass instead of a nerdy boy.
Considering that most Hollywood films seem to seriously mess up books (the Potter books are far superior to the Potter movies, for instance), I hope they don’t do too much to mess up the great magical atmosphere of this book (because it has movie adaptation written all over it!).

I read that some reviewers think this is a book for 8-year-olds, but since I need to take the level of English of my students into consideration, I think that this book might well appeal to an 8-year-old as well as a 15-year-old, as well as to this ‘well into her adult years’-girl 😉



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