I Heart You, You Haunt Me (by Lisa Schroeder)

15 10 2010


Self-proclaimed verse novel lover Lisa Schroeder writes a fluffy little nothing about a girl, Ava, who lost a boy, Jackson. Ava misses Jackson to the point of total despair (Oh. So. Sad…not). She soon feels haunted by his ghost (Oh. So. Creepy… not). You know: some bonds can never be broken and all that jazz. This is a verse novel that’s actually just a short story, that’s actually a load of puppy-love blandness that wouldn’t even make the inside pages of I dunno, whatever’s completely insubstantial and entirely forgettable…I’m tempted to say Twilight, but Twilight’s better, sigh…

Anyway, what’s the point of writing a “novel in verse” when there really is no added value to the verse form?  Some of the ‘poems’ are ordinary to the point of being ridiculous. If it’s different and creative you’re after, you’re better off reading something else entirely.

Also, there’s fluff and there’s fluff. I Heart You, You Haunt Me is CosmoGirl and Seventeen type fluff (not even, ‘cause those have piccies and other hot stuff). There’s far superior material on the market these days.

I guess the title should have been my first warning. Oh well…



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