ttyl (by Lauren Myracle)

24 11 2010

This cat made a promise a while back and a cat never breaks a promise. Reasons for being the List’s #1: sexually explicit and offensive language, nudity, drugs… Sounds incredibly exciting, right? You’d be wrong… there really isn’t a lot more than a maybe vaguely interesting format here.

The sex? A teacher with more than friendly intentions with a student (never explicit, though).

The nudity? A 10th-grader made fun at at a frat party by a bitchy popular girl. Big whooptidoo.

The drugs? Err… I must have missed that somewhere amidst all the ttyls, l8rs, WTFs and OMGs.

There really isn’t anything ::cough:: objectionable ::cough:: in this book that you’d have to protect your little kiddies from…Besides, this cat already wrote before that a book should never be banned because of its content, and despite the almost non-existent content in ttyl, this cat stands by that statement.

Anyways, literary value of this YA-novel? Pretty meager. Besides the fact that it’s the first novel entirely in chat-speak, don’t be tempted to read this book for any substantial plot: the 3 girls go to school (of which you know nothing of course), they chat, they get boy-sick, they go to school, they chat, they go to church meetings (… :-O …), they fight,  they chat some more, …  That’s it, folks… The characterization of the 3 girls? Err… non-existent, ‘cause you know, there’s only chat speak in the book (Oooh in 3 different fonts  ::rolls eyes:: ) so the author “does not interfere” to give descriptions or background story or whatever… Pretty one-sided and ultimately just plain boring. I-)

Experimentation with language and format can be gr8t… if you can pull it off and manage to transcend the limits of the format. Clearly that’s not the case here. Chatspeak is transient, it’s not supposed to have any lasting quality, that’s the whole point of chatspeak. Sadly, this book doesn’t have any lasting qualities either. Big big disappointment!



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