The Chocolate War (by Robert Cormier)

12 01 2011

Robert Cormier thought himself lucky to find a publisher for his Chocolate War in 1974. Numerous companies had turned it down: too complicated, too many characters, not for their readership, etc. I guess more than 30 years after its publication and its long history, these companies must look at their decision with very mixed feelings.

The cat could write a long review about the cruelty of teens, their mob mentality or the fact that the book doesn’t feel dated besides the absence of ubiquitous contemporary gadgets such as iPods and Blackberrys and the like (one shudders to think what Cormier would have made of cyberbullying!), but since the cat has had to deal with a bit of water (and cats are notorious water-haters), she is not going to do that. Instead the cat is giving The Chocolate War 4 whole stars!



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