My So-Called Afterlife (by Tamsyn Murray)

4 03 2011

OK, so it’s not fair! Why are cats always seen as the spawn of Satan? I mean, look at me? Do I look like I’d be hissing, spitting and scratching at you if you were a ghost? Uh-uh… I’m not evil! I’m a dead-easy pussycat, just stroke me behind my ears! So why on earth did the only cat ever to cross my literary path have to turn out as a satanic beast, called Lucifer?? So I’m sorry Tamsyn, you screwed it up for this cat!

And it all started off so good: “I knew it was time to move on when a tramp peed on my Uggs”… Doesn’t that first sentence promise a lot? Unfortunately, it just went downhill from there on out.

Meet Lucy Shaw, 15, murdered, ghost and trapped in a public men’s toilet in Carnaby Street. Again, loads and loads of potential here. I mean the blurb promises psychics and psychos and gorgeous ghostly boys, but we get a story that’s too much aimed at pleasing the passing crowds. It’s light – for a so-called paranormal read. It’s easy – definitely younger teens. It’s supposed to be funny – there are some cutesy scenes, I suppose. It’s not exactly my sort of catnip, though. I’d rather take another nap, let this one pass for the under 13s.



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