Flood and Fang (by Marcus Sedgwick)

28 04 2011

The cat picked out this book because of 3 reasons:

1)      Marcus Sedgwick has been nominated a shedload of times for all sorts of awards

2)      The cat’s had a few people talk about some of his books for Young Adults and was a bit intrigued, despite the fact that these people are also Twihards

3)      The cat just cannot resist a book about a Raven called Edgar

The cat was pleasantly surprised. Though hardly Young Adult (it’s definitely children’s material, much like Roald Dahl’s Matilda is, for example), this book can also be savored by anyone with a heart for the mysterious, the hilarious and the Otherhandly. It’s such a bundle of creepy fun, with all the right references to keep the adults amongst you interested as well (it’s a bit Poe, it’s a bit gothic, it’s a bit Addams family, …). Read this to your children before they go to bed, they will absolutely also love the quirky black and white drawings!  I can’t promise they’ll fall asleep straightaway, though, because they’ll will absolute be hooked on Edgar’s tales of adventure in Castle Otherhand!



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