Beastly (by Alex Flinn)

9 05 2011

As if the Hunchback of Notre Dame or Beauty and the Beast weren’t enough already… here’s Beastly, a totally unnecessary, completely unreadable, irrelevant piece of drivel, which makes even Stephenie Meyer look like Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

But never one to keep the goodies only to herself, the cat absolutely cannot withhold this from you:

“I was a beast”


“I am allowing the world to see you as you truly are,” Kendra said. “A beast” (p47)

Cut to p. 114

My loneliness made me brave. I could do it.

And still people passed me, seeming to look, but not seeing me.

Did I dare to take the subway? I did dare.

Cut to p. 152

“My daughter. You can have her. Just let me go.”

“I can what?” I stared at him.

“You can have her. I’ll bring her to you.”

Cut to p.262

It was her voice. I would have known it even if a hundred years had passed” (…)

“Help me! Oh, please help me, Adrian!”

Cut to p. 268

“Lindy!” I started toward her.

“You’re here!”


“Adrian, you’re here.”

“I’m here,” I agreed. The world was getting fuzzy, so fuzzy, fuzzy and dark, and clean and sweet-smelling as a rose.

“But how did you know?” She said. “How’d you know where I was?”

“I knew.” My stomach hurt where the bullet was. “I knew by…” Magic. Love. Animal Instinct. As Jane knew of Rochester. “I just knew.” I reached for her.

Cut to p. 274

It was me. Kyle. Adrian. We’re the same. (…)

She turned to me. “Adrian? But how?” (…)

“Magic.  It was magic, and the magic is called love. I love you, Lindy.” I leaned and kissed her. She kissed me back.

Enough said.



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