I am number four (by Pittacus Lore aka Jobie Hughes and James Frey)

27 05 2011

OK, your standard run of the mill adventure sci-fi story. John Smith is an alien, living on Earth, with his Cepan (caretaker) and has some amazing superpowers, which have yet to develop. They had to escape their home planet Lorien, because it had been destroyed by a race called the Mogadorians, who have completely depleted the resources of their own planet and are now on track to do the same to Earth. Yes, yes, I told you it was sci-fi. After that we get boy meets girl, boy and girl get in trouble, boy and girl save the day. Boy and girl go their own separate insecure ways. Girl knows she and boy will be together again….

It’s basic and action-packed, but that’s about it though. Feels all very movie-like (not surprisingly when you know the movie is already made), so don’t expect a lot of in depth characterization. Simple, predictable,…leave your brain at home stuff.  I also highly doubt that even with a movie as its backup this series of books (yes more are planned) will break out in the way the publishers apparently want it to break out.

Utterly forgettable stuff.



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