Boy Proof (by Cecil Castellucci)

28 06 2011

I’m sure many people (girls, women) will be able to recognize themselves in the main characters of Cecil Castellucci’s Boy Proof. Victoria ‘Egg’ Jurgen is weird, nerdy, self-conscious, self-absorbed,  creative, different, obnoxious,… In short, she’s pretty much your typical angsty 16-year-old on the road to self-discovery.  Castellucci, though, has a fun and easy style, fitting for the Hollywood context of this novel, so the cat never felt like she was reading just another teen novel. The fast-paced writing in itself also makes that you’ll be through this book faster than you can say “Terminal Earth”. On the road to self-acceptance, Castellucci’s Boy Proof might be a necessary book of insight for many teenage girls.



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7 01 2012
The Queen of Cool (by Cecil Castellucci) « Ringo the Cat's Blog

[…] Queen of Cool is one of Cecil Castellucci’s three LA-novels. Just like Boy Proof and Beige, it is set in Los Angeles, and follows a particular ‘scene’ in the city of Angels. […]

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