Beige (by Cecil Castellucci)

6 10 2011

The coolest thing about Cecil Castellucci’s books is that she makes everything so entirely readable. Before you know you’re caught up in the world of a character you don’t exactly like much – because she’s just utterly clueless and beige – yet end up appreciating anyway. Despite the fact that Beige has the LA punk scene as its main playfield, there’s little punk or edgy about Katy, or (to be completely honest) about the actual writing in this book. But do not be mistaken, just like with Boy Proof, this is the type of book you want to read when you’re a girl and about 13 or 14 and wondering whether  being uncool can be cool, or when you’re afraid that being yourself just isn’t good enough. Love the down-to-earthness of Castellucci!



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7 01 2012
The Queen of Cool (by Cecil Castellucci) « Ringo the Cat's Blog

[…] Queen of Cool is one of Cecil Castellucci’s three LA-novels. Just like Boy Proof and Beige, it is set in Los Angeles, and follows a particular ‘scene’ in the city of Angels. This time, […]

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