Forgotten (by Cat Patrick)

8 10 2011

Forgotten is the type of book that teens will love to read: a bit of mystery, a bit of love and just the right amount of teen angst. London Lane is not your typical teen though. In a plotline that is very reminiscent of Memento, she forgets everything that happened to her once she goes to sleep. She keeps notes to remind her of the past – while at the same time vividly remembering the future. This is where the intrigue starts… Though the lack of ‘past memories’ get a sort of explanation by the end of the book, the reason why London would be able to know the future does not get a satisfactory explanation. This keeps the cat from liking the book more than she probably should. It’s a nice concept, but the execution of it all doesn’t live up to the writer’s ambitions, I’m afraid.



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