Cupcake (by Rachel Cohn)

14 04 2012

In this third and last installment of Rachel Cohn’s Cyd Charisse series, there isn’t a lot of new to discover for fans of either CC (Cyd Charisse) or Rachel Cohn. That doesn’t mean however, that Cupcake is a book you should miss, because this book proves that the Little Hellion is capable of growth … albeit not the type of growth that she may have expected herself.

Cyd Charisse has moved from San Francisco to New York where she stays in her bio-brother Danny’s apartment, looking for the perfect coffee, the perfect cupcake, only maybe a good culinary school (her mother’s plan, not hers!), but above all a way to deal with the whole Shrimp situation. Cyd said no to Shrimp’s marriage proposal at the end of Shrimp, and both of them decided on a clean break, with Shrimp being off to New Zealand, surfing and writing haiku, and Cyd in New York in search of some serious caffeination. When CC finally feels she’s on the right track, Shrimp turns up at her doorstep.

Though CC has not been able to shake off that brazen over-self-confidence of hers, by the end of the book she’s learned a little bit more about herself. Hopefully that means that she will be able to function without her True Love Shrimp… at least that is what Rachel Cohn seems to suggest, which is a big bonus, because no one, not even or especially not sassy Cyd Charisse should define themselves wholly through one other person. With Cyd Charisse, Rachel Cohn has managed to create a female character who the reader may not always like, but at least can respect for her total honesty and ‘do not settle for less’ attitude.



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2 02 2013

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