Flip ( by Martyn Bedford)

30 05 2012

14-year-old Alex wakes up one morning finding himself inhabiting another boy’s body, that of Philip ‘Flip’ Garamond. Not only that, it’s also about 6 months later than when he went to bed the previous night. Alex is  understandably dazzled about this Freaky Friday body swap and tries to figure out why his ‘soul’ has ended up in another boy’s body so many miles and months away from his own body.

This is Martyn Bedford’s first foray into YA literature and it’s fairly successful. The whole body swap topic is not the most original of topics , of course, but Bedford does it quite well, giving Alex some realistic reactions to one of the most mind-staggering experiences someone might ever get. The resolution to  the soul swap is predictably believable too, taking into consideration that this is really a ‘paranormal’ story and any sort of ‘resolution’ is bound to feel at least a little bit contrived or ‘out-of-this-world’.   Instead, Bedford’s writing is solid, Alex is a convincing character and there are a couple of interesting minor characters (that do not get the full treatment they deserve, though, e.g. Flip’s sister or Alex’s best friend David).

Flip is a fast read, has an exciting story and will satisfy a lot of reluctant readers. Nothing to be overjoyed ecstatic about, but solid, decent…



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