Going too far (by Jennifer Echols)

27 08 2012

The fact that the cat sort of forgot to give this book a review may say it all… Seriously: the cat forgot about reading this book…um, last week… which goes to show that it’s fairly forgettable.

Anyway, wild bad-ass chick Meg – blue hair and all – likes getting drunk and doing guys. Yup, that’s the start of this MTV book. But then, she goes that one step too far when she and her guy for the night and their 2 friends decide to go on the railway bridge… They get stopped by a cop, John After, who doesn’t turn out to be a 40-year-old has been guy with 14 children and wife at home, but a 19-year-old stud who used to be in one of Meg’s classes the previous year. The story then focuses on how John makes some kind of deal with the DA that Meg and the other 3  (but one of them just gets out of it because of daddy-o, who’s got some pull) do some kind of community service. Meg’s punishment? Driving around with Officer After for a week… And yes ::::insert big sigh here::::: Officer John is the love interest…. Who has zilch chemistry with the main character… who’s annoying, stupid and every kind of unbelievable. This book also has a myriad of predictabilities, and all kinds of wannabe shock factors (like that pesky plot device aka “the hard past that just has to make you feel oh sorry for the main character”?? What’s that all about? Reader manipulation much!) . But it just didn’t work at all for the cat who kept rolling her eyes at the things that were being described.

Nope, this is not my thing. Johnafter didn’t make me swoon (like e.g. Sarah Dessen’s love interests often do!). Meg didn’t make me think there was so much more besides her being annoying and obnoxious . And Jennifer Echols’ writing – though not bad in itself – doesn’t make me forget that the story is predictable ánd over the top at the same time!



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