Teaching Young Adult Literature Today: Insights, Considerations, and Perspectives for the Classroom Teacher

27 08 2012

This is a compilation of essays and papers compiled by Judith A. Hayn and Jeffrey S. Kaplan .

Some chapters are really good (especially the ones dealing with “Where is YAL going” and blurring boundaries) , but the ‘insights’ in the others are very obvious (esp. in the first part). I would definitely recommend this to teachers who don’t know anything about YA and don’t really know where to start if they want to use some of it in the classroom, yes also for ESL teachers, because the world of the teen is you know, the world of the teen… and that is what they will connect to.

However, preaching to the converted here that if you want a kid to enjoy reading and make them into lifelong readers, you need to find reading material that they will connect with, and YA is definitely the way to go then… so from that perspective, I could have used even more practical tips on how to weave everything into the curriculum of teachers who’re already asked to be supermen/women all in the limited amount of time and space they’re getting.

But overall a good collection of papers regarding the topic and I loved the little lists of all the available books per topic.



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