Where she went (by Gayle Forman)

19 01 2013

Where she wentThe cat started off by giving this book a solid 3 stars, but the more time passes, the more she just can’t see the point of this book. Where She Went is a sort of sequel to Forman’s much acclaimed If I Stay about a girl, Mia who’s in a terrible accident that kills her parents and her 8-year-old brother. Mia herself is in a coma where she has to decide whether she should stay and live, or not…  It’s been a while, but the cat remembers If I Stay as a powerful book dealing in a very credible way with grief and the threat of losing everything. Both Mia and Adam (her boyfriend) lived music. Mia was a classical cellist, Adam played in a rock band… two completely different social circles, but the music is what united them.

In Where She Went we meet Adam again 3 years after Mia left him. In those three years a lot has happened. Adam’s band Shooting Star has made it big time, but Adam doesn’t feel happy … all that fame and fortune, you know. He’s never gotten any sort of explanation why Mia left him, and despite having a gorgeous young actress as his girlfriend, it’s obvious he’s not over Mia. He has so many unanswered questions that it has left him depressed, self-destructive, lonely, unable to move forward. Surrounded by millions of fans, Adam feels alone, is mopey all day long, is on all sorts of anti-anxiety drugs, has fallen out with the other members of his band, picks fights with journalists, sleeps around with groupies…yet nothing works to get over the loneliness…  Where She Went sort of switches between a chance meeting right now between Adam and Mia in New York and flash backs of the three missing years. :::big sigh::::…200 pages of a character moping is a lot to take…

The cat can’t really see the point of this sequel, which is really just an oversized epilogue to If I Stay. It’s not like Mia is a big part of the book here. If anything she comes off as obnoxious and you get some sort of character assassination with the way she’s portrayed here. Where She Went is all about Adam and his inability to move on with his life, and that’s just sooooo incredibly tiresome! Emo complaint rock sadness black eyeliner tiresome. I wish I could say the writing itself redeems it all, but in a book where nothing really happens and where the characters have but one character trait, the writing has to be over the moon spectacular.  And the writing here? OK, but not good enough so that it can make me forget how whiney Adam really is! 2.5 stars max!



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22 12 2013
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