Bleeding Violet (by Dia Reeves)

30 01 2013

BleedingVioletReevesYou know a book is not for you when you have read 250 pages and you’re still WTF-ing every single page and you still have more than 200 to go and dreading every single sentence to come. Bleeding Violet is the weirdest of weird books, but sadly not in a good way. Reeves obviously strives to write a different kind of paranormal fantasy novel and to an extent she succeeds in that: Hannah is not just another paranormal romance weak girly angelic mermaidy protagonist in a nice flowing silky satin dress…  She’s a completely insane bipolar bitch who’s literally all over the place, mother-complex, father issue, love & sex issues, issues all over the place. On the kookiness meter, this book scores off the charts, but structurally as well as logically this is just such a mess that it doesn’t work at all for and falls flat and will be shelved as a “WTF was I thinking?” book…

Just some random questions: Is there a reason why Portero is full of monsters? Is there a reason why every other place in the whole wide world (of the book) is a normal town, and has never heard of Portero and doesn’t even know there’s a town like Portero with doors and keys to monsters? Why is Wyatt kick ass commando style monsterfighter on one page and a doormat BF on the next? Why the hell is there never an explanation about the whole worldbuilding? Hannah never gets an answer, but the reader just has to guess as well. Even though this books goes on and on (just shy of 500 pages, which is way too long!), it’s page after page guessing what the whole point of it is. Everything in the book is random, chaotic, and ill-explained.

I guess the cat should do the magnanimous thing here and say that the whole reading experience is just one big  metaphor for how fucked up the main character is as well,… well in that respect Dia Reeves totally succeeded. Did she also manage to write a good book in the process? Not for me, she didn’t!



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