Okay for Now (by Gary D. Schmidt)

8 04 2013

okayfornowGary D. Schmidt is soon becoming a cat favorite. His The Wednesday Wars was refreshing in its almost classic – some would even call this old-fashioned – uplifting and educational approach to children’s and teen literature, and Okay for Now follows that same trend and yet again it is a brilliant and touching book with a slew of memorable characters (Mrs Windermere!) .

Featuring Doug Swieteck, a character who first appeared in The Wednesday Wars, Okay for Now is equally as layered, equally as entertaining, and possibly even more moving in its emotional depth than TWW. Again, Schmidt skillfully weaves together such a bunch of different elements that it’s almost surprising how he manages to bring them all together in the most satisfying of ways. There is graphic art (by way of Audubon’s drawings of Birds of America), literature (through Doug’s reading of Jane Eyre), American history (Doug’s brother is a Vietnam veteran) and America’s main pastime (baseball!).

The Wednesday Wars was a Newbery Honor book in 2008, and it’s a damn shame the same didn’t happen for Okay for Now (maybe because it echoes that book so much – stylewise, voicewise, genrewise? Still… robbed, I tell you, robbed!). However, it was a 2011 National Book Award Finalist and just deserves to be read! Don’t miss it!

BTW, watch this YouTube video in which Schmidt talks about Okay for Now! Spot the typewriter! There’s a thing to be said about doing things old school!



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22 12 2013
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[…] D. Schmidt’s Okay for Now, which is MG and YA of course, because Gary D. Schmidt is just absolutely boss and can do no harm. […]

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