Winger (by Andrew Smith)

15 06 2013

Once in a while – like on average 5 times a year, judging from my own Goodreads stats – you come across a book that will make your heart bleed and skip a couple of beats all at the same time. I felt like this year I wouldn’t get to that average. There’s only been Adam Rapp’s 33 Snowfish that made me feel empty and drained and completely exhilarated at the same time, definitely worthy of that 5 star rating. But then, there was Andrew Smith’s Winger. If there’s one book (besides the aforementioned 33 Snowfish) that you have to read this year to get that good-shiver experience then make it Andrew Smith’s Winger. Not only will it have you laughing out loud (balls, dude, seriously, balls!), smirking quietly and nodding in agreement… it will also break your heart and make you stop breathing and staring wide-eyed at that last line, hoping, wishing you could be there with the main character, Winger (Ryan Dean West). Fuck, man, this book is great. *



*This book doesn’t need any elaborate summaries (lots of that around on the net already. Plus, the blurb is more than enough to get you started), grand explanations (unbiased, man, read this one unspoiled and unbiased and you’ll get the most out of it), or any other justifying blablablas. Just get the book already!



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