The summer I turned pretty (by Jenny Han)

30 07 2013

sitpIf there was ever a summer beach read contest, then Jenny Han’s The summer I turned pretty would be podium material.

Belly (seriously??) has been spending her summers at Cousins since forever. Her mom always takes Belly and her brother Steve to visit Susannah, her mother’s best friend, and her two sons: Conrad and Jeremiah. The four kids have always been close, with Conrad and Jeremiah treating Belly like a younger sister (of course). Belly, though, knows she has loved Conrad, the broody mysterious one of the two – since she was about ten years old. This summer – the summer that Belly turned pretty – the boys obviously no longer notice her as the little kid she once was, but as a young woman. Belly’s feelings for Conrad haven’t really changed anything, but things get complicated when Jeremiah too crushes on Belly and to top it off there’s another boy, Cam, who Belly goes on dates with. So we’re basically getting not a love triangle, but a love quartet which is even further complicated by the fact that Conrad behaves like a stupid jerk, Susannah being sick again (you saw that one coming from miles off, so it’s not like it’s a spoiler or anything)… and Belly just being a spoilt little brat who wants to have her cake and eat it too.

The summer I turned pretty is probably better than I make it out to be here: the writing is not all bad, it’s definitely the quickest read of this summer for sure (not that this has any affinity with the quality of a book, of course), it’s just that it’s very … light… It’s blurbed by Sarah Dessen, who’s got the patent on summer reads, but The summer I turned pretty is just not developed in the way any Dessen book ever is. The only real relationship that has some depth is the one between Belly’s mother and Susannah. The teens’ relationships are … well, fluffily handled. This is the type of book that one would call “an enjoyable read” while it lasts. No risks. A dime a dozen.



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9 08 2013
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