Hidden (by Miriam Halahmy)

6 08 2013

Things I hate in books:

  • Sloppy editing:

h2And this is on the back cover!



  • When the writer of the book so obviously wants to Teach An Important Lesson About Society and treats the reader as A Stupid Person who so obviously Needs To Be Taught The Right Ways. There’s no reason to be so preachy when you talk about immigration as is the case in this book. If you respect your reader, you know your reader can come to his/her own conclusion without you, the writer, being all over it. Don’t belittle your audience! I really thought this sort of YA was over and done with.

Not just for those 2 reasons – although the latter is a real biggie and really a total book dealbreaker – Miriam Halahmy’s Hidden gets this year’s lowest cat score!



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9 08 2013
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