End of summer reads

31 08 2013

Due to severe time constraints (beginning of school year), just a few quick notes on…


Drama (by Raina Telgemeier)

This is a solid middle grade graphic novel. Loads of fun and absolutely great for reluctant readers. If you love theater, Broadway productions, girls experiencing a first crush, teens learning about responsibility, then this is the book for you!

drama3.5 stars

Ask me no questions (by Marina Budhos)

Ask Me No QuestionsAlthough this is a book about an important topic (illegal immigrants and the way Muslims were treated after 9/11), it felt too much ‘in your face’.  This is because of the repetitiveness of a lot of what is going on in the book. Unfortunately, this book is very predictable too, which wouldn’t have been the worst thing ever, if at least characterization had been dealt with less stereotypically and the pacing had been better. I’m sure it will appeal to quite a few teens, though, as this is a very fast read (plus it’s only about 150 pages). But yeah, not a master piece… Why is it so damn hard to find a really great book about a significant historical event that doesn’t come off as well… preachy?

2.5 stars



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