The Reece Malcolm List (by Amy Spalding)

10 09 2013

reecemalcolmI don’t want to disparage this book or Amy Spalding or anything, but … I had kind of hoped that with the new school year, the mediocrity-streak I had been on would pass, but it hasn’t really and The Reece Malcolm List is just one more example of what a weak(ish) reading year 2013 has been for the cat so far. There’s nothing really wrong with this book, it’s engaging enough (while it lasts), and up to a point I could get into Devan’s ‘search’ for her mother, but…meh… it’s not all that.

The Reece Malcolm List is about Devan Mitchell, who has just lost her father. She’s never been too close with her father, and definitely not close to her stepmom, but obviously she never wanted her dad to just die and her stepmom to ship her off from St. Louis to Los Angeles to go and live with a mother she has never known: the famous writer, Reece Malcolm.

Because of this weird back story, it’s sort of odd the way things just go so smoothly for Devan when she gets to L.A. (school and friends-wise, I mean) and it’s definitely weird the way she didn’t have ‘the chat’ with Reece earlier on in the book (wouldn’t that be the first thing you do?).

Anyway a book that doesn’t read all that unpleasantly (despite its obvious shortcomings as a debut — pacing and fleshing out of characters needs some work here), but which isn’t very memorable in the end… Oh and did I mention there’s Glee-like fun and drama and musical-stuff? Yeah, that too…

Oh, and never has a cover been that close of an impression as to what a book will deliver. You be the judge of what that means!



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