Also read in September 2013

2 10 2013

Disappointing reads, continuing the bad summer streak:

Guitar Girl (by Sarra Manning):

guitargirlThis is Sarra Manning’s debut, and although entertaining enough and some of the sparks of later work is present, this is overall a disappointing read. It felt too unrealistic and too stereotypical to be taken as a serious effort. For instance: if music is your world, and if your band is supposed to be the next big thing, then you know that Roskilde is not in Belgium, but in Denmark… or at least the writer should know! I also loathed the many grammar and spelling mistakes in the edition I read (I mean, seriously, it’s not an ARC or a first edition, by now those mistakes should have been weeded out).

2.5 stars

24 girls in 7 days (by Alex Bradley):

24girlsIf you talk about predictability in beach reads, then this book aces it. This book, by the way, is now published in a ‘beachproof’ edition, whatever that may be. However, I couldn’t get over the fact that this book felt like such an insult to serious teen romance novels, that it’s hard to recommend this book about a nerdy senior – Jack Grammar (haha) – who is set up by his 2 best friends to find the perfect prom date. Also, why would you write your “teen only” books under the name Alex Bradley when your actual name is Jeremy Jackson and you’ve written other novels under your real name? Anyway, this really doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of 24 Girls in 7 Days, of course. Or does it?

2 stars



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