December 2013 Reads (Not A List Yet! Ha!)

11 12 2013

Fall for Anything (by Courtney Summers)

fallforanythingAh, for once a Courtney Summers book the cat clicked with. In uncharacteristic Summers fashion, the protagonist of Fall for Anything, Eddie Reeves is fragile from the get-go. Eddie’s father (a once famous within certain circles photographer) committed suicide, leaving her and her mother guessing about the reasons and dealing with the grief. And that grief is what is now consuming Eddie and all the relationships she has: the not-relationship with her mother, the one with best friend Milo, and the one with the mysterious (and creepy) Culler Evans, her father’s (only) ‘student’. The whole grieving process – which almost takes on a whodunit pattern – is described in all its devastating rawness: confusion, guilt, betrayal, anger, depression, it’s all there, and Summers is a good writer, so yeah, I actually got this one…

4 stars

Legend (by Marie Lu)

legendMarie Lu’s Legend trilogy is one that I’ve had for a long time, but due to dystopia-fatigue, I never quite got around to reading it. Set in Los Angeles in the Republic of America in the year 2130, Legend is told alternately from Day and June’s point of view. Day is the 15-year-old boy who, after he failed his Trial at age 10, went underground, wreaking havoc on the Republic. June, on the other hand, scored the only perfect 1500 score on her Trial and has been the Republic’s golden child ever since. Obviously their paths cross. Legend is not revolutionary in any way, ahs *all* of the stock tropes but in light version, the storyline is predictable, the characters are almost stereotypical, but the action is paced throughout the book quite evenly and the writing is engaging enough to keep you going. It’s a ‘fun’, no-nonsense ditty while it lasts. It’s also the ideal book to give to reluctant readers: not too long, not too complicated, some action, some romance, … so again, yeah, I get the appeal, but you know…dystopian fatigue and all that…

3 stars



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