Disappointing January Reads

14 01 2014

Zombie Blondes (by Brian James)

Well this was a bunch of no-sense-making nonsense. Zombie Blondes wants to be a successful marriage between the zombie & the high school YA novel, but it is done so amateurishly that after about 75 pages I went straight into speed-read mode. Hannah moves around a lot, because of her dad’s past. This means she’s *always* the new kid in town, and this time she arrives in “a very special town”, Maplecrest, with “very special” cheerleaders…There’s very little that worked for the cat in this book. Really bland characters, un(der)developed plot, shoddy ending which is not ominous *at all*, but a total cop out. It all amounted to a big fact blah! And seriously: Zombie Cheerleaders… don’t tell me you couldn’t have done anything more interesting with that??? I really do not want to waste any more time than I already have on this one.


1.5 stars

Eve & Adam (by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate)

Now I love me some Michael Grant. I devoured the Gone series for its sheer fun and fantastically over the top plotlines and the slew of interesting and sometimes slightly psychotic character. Eve & Adam, however, doesn’t have any of that. Instead, it’s a total waste of talent. Just like with Zombie Blondes, I got a plot that just DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Perfect creatures (cloning and whatnot), instaloves, instahealing, UberBitch moms, BlandyMcBland protagonists. There’s absolutely nothing ‘refreshing’ or ‘groundbreaking’ about the plot at all, it’s all so superficial and everything in this book has been done millions of times and over and over again. Why bother doing it again? And worse at that? Eve & Adam is a book that shows what happens when two writers aren’t even trying… Seriously, is this just me? Ugh.


1.5 stars

Next up: something else: Scowler (by Daniel Kraus)



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