Burger Wuss (by M.T. Anderson)

11 02 2014

Satire and wit is what this little book – M.T. Anderson’s 2nd book (1999), by the way – has in common with Feed (2002). Another very characteristic element in Anderson’s writing is always ‘style’, as in I like to ‘do things with it and challenge the reader’. In both Feed and the 2 Octavian Nothing books, style and language were absolutely stellar. In this book, however, it all reminded me a bit too much of an “exercise” in style. Although style and language didn’t wholly work for me here, Burger Wuss did show the beginnings of an author who likes to take a different approach to writing for a teen audience. If you like Anthony McGowan’s works Hellbent, Henry Tumour or Hello Darkness, pick this one up as well!




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