Sean Griswold’s Head ( by Lindsey Leavitt)

17 02 2014

sghWell isn’t this a fun little book! In Lindsey Leavitt’s Sean Griswold’s Head, Payton Gritas has sat behind Sean Griswold since forever, but she doesn’t really know much about him. She still wouldn’t, were it not for the fact that on the insistence of her school counselor, she picks his head as her Focus Object. Why would she need a ‘focus object’, I hear you ask. Well, Payton has just found out that her father has MS and that he (and the rest of her family) has known about it for 6 months, yet they didn’t tell her… She’s furious with her parents, gives them the silent treatment and is then forced to see the school counselor to ‘deal with things’.

“Dealing with things” is what this book is all about: Payton and her father’s MS, Payton and her friend Jac (short for Jaclyn), Payton and Sean… Seriously, I have no reservations about this book: it’s well-written, smoothly done, the main character and what her family goes through is relatable, the relationships are drawn very well, there’s a bit of nerdy humor, there’s a bit of romance, there’s a bit of sadness. It’s unpretentious yet complicated at the same time. Good, quick read.



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