When money is involved?

8 03 2014

I regularly (about once a week) visit the only bookstore in our town (tiny town, ‘mainstream’ non-indie bookstore) to see if they have any new translations in. This is today’s new selection. A comparison:

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Code Name Verity and The Raven Boys get translations about a year to a year and a half after initial publication (which sounds reasonable, I guess…). What is the most striking of course is that it took Terry Pratchett’s Nation took 6 years to get translated, published and in stores (even as remote and totally unhip as Geraardsbergen), while it took Veronica Roth’s Allegiant 4 months… I don’t even want to go into the quality of the translation (of both, but Allegiant in particular) because I didn’t read them, but it’s obvious that when money is involved (movie comes out next month), it doesn’t take 6 years to get translated…



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