#KeepYAWeird – On being angry

12 03 2015

Today I am angry. I know the world doesn’t care about me being angry. I know the internet doesn’t give a fuck about me being angry. And even (the anti-)social media Twitter and Facebook don’t give a shit about my outrage. But today I am angry and also sad.

I am often angry, though. When my computer doesn’t do what I want it to do, I feel like throwing it out of the window (but I don’t). When people don’t meet the deadlines I set out for them, I feel like sending them angry emails about their lack of commitment (but I don’t). When I enter a dirty as hell classroom once again and I have to pick up dirty tissues from the floor, I feel like kicking the colleagues who were too lax to tell their students there are fucking bins (3 even) in my classroom. When I see a guy smoking inside the metro and slurring obscene things at people, I am angry and I want to yell at him so he gets rid of the lit cigarette because we’re under the ground and there’s no air in the metro as it is and could he just shut the fuck up (but I don’t). When I see how certain parents say awful things to their kid in a supermarket or scold him/her, out in the street when all the kid is doing is being a kid, I feel like telling the parents they should have never have become parents in the first place (but I don’t). When I read yet another article about inequality between men and women I feel like tearing up the newspaper or hitting the screen of my laptop (but I don’t).

So basically I am angry on average 5 times a day and usually I am quite good at containing – but maybe not hiding – that anger, but today is different. I don’t want to contain or hide the sadness and the outrage I feel for how I had to wake up this morning. Seeing that one of my favorite authors – Andrew Smith – is completely gone from “social media” – Twitter and Facebook – is just… #weird in all the wrong ways, and beyond comprehension.gj1

Yesterday, Andrew Smith was in the middle of a Twitter shitstorm, a shitstorm that started because of the way one or two people read a certain sentence in a certain interview in a certain way. One interview, one sentence, one reading and next you get a shitstorm about how Andrew Smith is a sexist and mob mentality ensues. WTF?

So I am angry. This is not the first time that a man’s integrity is questioned by people who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. Not only does an attack like this (because that’s what it is, it was an attack, whatever people might be saying to the contrary) show that apparently people can’t distinguish between “characters in a book”, “the author as public persona” and “a living and breathing human being”. A writer doesn’t necessarily believe or support every little thing every character in every one of his books ever says. But what’s said in the book by certain characters is even beyond the point in this whole thing.

What is the point, is that under the pretense of so-called righteousness and the right to criticism on “social” media certain people think it is okay to pretend to understand and know what another person thinks and feels, and worse: that it doesn’t matter. What is the claim to righteousness here, you ask? It’s “feminism”, or rather a certain interpretation of feminism. But what happened yesterday, that was *not* feminism: feminism is not hating and/or attacking what (white) men say and do*. Feminism is not using a person’s family to prove a point. Feminism is about: all things considered, people are equal. And the way Andrew Smith was treated was not as an equal.

I could go one step further and state that when women only write female protagonists they are not being told off or attacked for only writing about girls or women. And actually, thinking like that gives feminism a bad and dirty name and helps no one at all. No one. So I don’t want to take that step.

If you ask me what the first word is that comes to mind when I hear the name ‘Andrew Smith’, it most definitely is not ‘sexist’. It is talented. It is unique. It is honest. That’s 3 words, I know.

Andrew Smith is also an incredibly kind man. You know what type of guy he is? He’s the type who despite a mad busy schedule, takes time to meet up with people and to sit down with them, have lunch with them and have a great conversation with them half across the world . He’s the type of person who takes on crazy projects with people at the other end of the world because it would be a great thing for the kids in his (and my) class. He doesn’t do this for himself, but for other people.

So yeah, I am angry today. And very sad. And I miss ‘seeing’ Drew. So today I’m re-reading The Alex Crow. #KeepYAWeird

Andrew Smith signing books

Andrew Smith signing books

*it is honestly not the first time that a well known popular male write got flack like this for writing (mostly) male protagonists, by the way.


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